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Hello, Loyal Readers!

No Bacon Blog per se today, I admit, but plenty to discuss and chew on. OVERTIME: Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines at the Crossroads of College Football launches Tuesday, September 3 (at 7pm at Hill Auditorium), and as such, we have plenty of excerpts, stories, and reviews out there.

Let’s start with the EXCERPTS:

The first excerpt, “Hard to Beat the Cheaters,” on Michigan’s approach to recruiting, appeared in Postgame.com, Yahoo sport’s longform section.

The second, on the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry (derived from two chapters titled “Bad Blood” and “Cavalry’s Coming”), ran in the famed MGoBlog.com

The most recent excerpt, on the roller coaster recruiting process of five-star defensive back Daxton Hill, appeared in Sam Webb’s excellent Michigan Insider Thursday night.


On the Big Ten Network with anchor Dave Revsine

In the Sporting News, with Bill Bender

With Jeff Arnold of Forbes.com


From Greg Dooley’s MVictors.com: “Punching Back.”

And even Ohio State’s top football website, Eleven Warriors:

I’ve read everything John U. Bacon has ever written and I’ve never been bored or disappointed.

Sprinkling character profiles into the storyline of Wolverines’ 2018 campaign produces a quick and captivating read – even if your position in Michigan’s football orbit is as an Ohio State fan. 

BOOK LAUNCH TUESDAY, SEPT 3, 7pm, HILL AUDITORIUM. We even have the great Sam Webb and Ira Weintraub on the introduction, and the famed baritone Carl Grapentine lending his voice. (Baaaaand, take the field!)


THE DOS EQUIS COLLEGE FOOTBALL FOOTBALL COLLEGE, on which I play the “professor” teaching ten classes on the sport. And yes, there IS a quiz! Enjoy — and good luck!

Hope to see you Tuesday night, or down the road on the book tour!

Again, thanks for your support!


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