The Insanity of Rewarding Coaches Who Fail

In the past three decades, college coaching salaries have skyrocketed. But what really concerns me is the colleges' habit of paying failed coaches millions of dollars just to go away. Plenty of pundits have raged about the soaring salaries of college coaches, and...

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Michigan’s Most Important Win So Far

To listen to the audio version, click play. When we last checked in with the Michigan football team four weeks ago, the Wolverines had just lost to 12th-ranked Notre Dame, then crushed Western Michigan. But the Wolverines still had more questions than answers,...

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Michigan Stumbles in South Bend

After a few low years, the Big Ten has been riding high. Last year, seven Big Ten schools won their bowl games, with only Michigan on the losing side. Going into this season, five Big Ten teams were ranked in the nation’s top 14, with four from the Big Ten’s East...

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