Going Mad over Mascots

September 18, 2009Dear Loyal Readers, I hope you enjoy this week's commentary. It's in text form only, however, so you listeners need to be readers for a week.   Hope that's not too great an inconvenience.  In the meantime, we have crossed the...

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Saying Good Bye To An Old Friend

September 11, 2009Press play to listenIf you grew up in Michigan in the seventies, as I did, Bob Seger sang the soundtrack to your summers, and Ernie Harwell provided the voice over.   When I think about our family trips up north, they’re always accompanied...

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What’s Going On

September 4, 2009Press Play to listen Last Sunday, the Detroit Free Press ran a front-page story on the Michigan football team that created a national stir.  The newspaper said Michigan football players exceed the NCAA rules on the amount of time student-athletes...

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The Criminal, Not the Court, Calls the Tune

August 28, 2009Press play to listenLast week I wrote about the case of Kimberly Knight.  She’s the treasurer who pleaded guilty to embezzling almost a million dollars from the Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association.  Knight effectively wiped out the...

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Little League Embezzler Deserves Big League Time

August 21, 2009Press play to listen On Monday, Kimberly Knight will appear before Judge Melinda Morris to discuss a little financial matter.  It seems the Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association is missing a few bucks – actually, its entire operating budget, almost...

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Webmistress Gone Fishin’

Okay, sounds a lot more intriguing than it really is.  Brandi Scharrer, the brains behind this blog, is on vacation this Friday and therefore will not be available to post this week's commentary.  But she'll be back next week, as will I. I hope you will be...

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