Quote of the Day from Bertrand Russell

Dear Loyal Readers, Thanks for your interest in my last Bacon Blog on Michigan's Scott Matzka, which has since run on a handful of national websites. No Bacon Blog today, but I can offer a quote of the day. The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics...

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Best Game of the Week – Hands Down

The most compelling sports story of the week was not in the NFL playoffs, the college football playoffs, the NBA, or the NHL. It wasn’t even televised. On Saturday night, the Red Wing alumni team took on a squad of former University of Michigan players. It was just an...

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Rust Belt Bowl Blues

First, the good news: A hearty four college football teams from the state of Michigan were invited to play in bowl games this winter: the University of Michigan, plus Eastern, Western and Central Michigan. The only top-tier team not to qualify: Michigan State, which...

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In Memory of Jeff “Tiny” Bourne

Dear Loyal Readers, In late 2003, a good friend of mine, Jeff "Tiny" Bourne, passed away, at the all-too-young age of 47. At his funeral, I was asked by his family to give one of the eulogies. Years later, with their blessings, I wrote a story about him, which you'll...

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Four Michigan Teams Going Bowling

It’s college bowl season, and around these parts, that can only mean one thing: Rumors of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh going to the NFL! Of course, that seasonal rumor comes with many other traditions, including ridiculously irresponsible click-bait stories...

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Big Ten Battle in a Blender

It was supposed to be simple. Before the college football season started, Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State were all ranked in the top twelve. The three teams were expected to battle all fall, with the Big Ten East Division title coming down to the...

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