Best of Bacon: Excerpts, interviews, and events

Hello, Loyal Readers!

This week we released The Best of Bacon: Select Cuts, which is now available wherever you buy books, including the link above, which gives you the option of going local, national, or online.

Here are a few excerpts that ran this week:


-The first on MGoBlog, about my first week following Bo Schembechler around in 1996, which led to our book;

-The next in The Detroit News, telling the story of how Slava Fetisov broke down the old Russian sports system, in Man vs. Machine;

-And the next on The Big House After Hours, on the Michigan Insider,

And here’s an interview I did with Michigan Radio’s great Cindy Canty. I also just spoke with WLBY’s lovely Lucyann Lance at 8:10-25 Friday morning, which you can probably get online, and I’ll be in studio at WTKA with Sam and Ira from 9-10 Friday morning (now!).

And last — for now! — I’ll be telling stories tonight at the Ann Arbor District Library’s first floor (300 seats) Friday night at 7 p.m. Bring 299 of your best friends! Literati will have plenty of books for everyone, and I’ll sign them all. Then Chicago May 23, Traverse City May 29, and Nicola’s Books June 12.

Makes a great gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day!

Here are all my upcoming events. Hope to see you there.

And thanks for allowing me to do what I love!






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  • Phil H. May 11, 2018 at 11:18 am

    Hi John, I listened in on the way home yesterday on Cindy’s NPR broadcast. Great interview! Consider, Include the phone to Herb Brooks when you were coaching high school hockey. Best Regards.

  • Dr JF Meyer May 11, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    Listened to your hour with Sam and Ira this morning (while dutifully working out at Meri Lou Murray) – most entertaining, and educational as well, e.g., the 50-yard club was new knowledge for an aging brain. Best wishes for the Best of Bacon!


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