The Great Halifax Explosion #1 in Michigan for Second Month – Thank You!

Hello, Loyal Readers!

No blog today, but a happy update on The Great Halifax Explosion, and thanks to all of you for making this possible.

Just a few days after announcing the book’s fourth printing, HarperCollins/William Morrow announced a fifth printing. So you keep buying ’em, we’ll keep printing ’em — promise!

Here’s my interview with Sue O’Connell on the New England Cable Network (NECN) about the Great Halifax Explosion, and how it transformed the United States and Canada from adversaries to allies.

We also continue to get great reviews, this latest from the Providence Journal’s review of The Great Halifax Explosion:

“Heroes and angels emerged from the smoldering ruins to save lives and comfort those who had suffered grievous losses… Bacon has crafted a marvelous story about this huge tragedy. It is both greatly discomforting and immensely satisfying to read about the destruction and resurrection of a proud community. Ultimately, it is a book about the power of the human spirit and how ordinary people overcome unimaginable horror to rebuild their lives and help others. It is indeed a story for our times.”

And finally, for the second straight month, the Great Halifax Explosion was the bestselling book of all genres in the state of Michigan. Now all we need is 49 more!

Great thanks to you all. Your support allows me to keep doing what I love: telling stories.




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  • Barry Gallagher @BigBlueToday January 12, 2018 at 10:15 am

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    Congratulations on another very successful book! I have one coming out in April that you might enjoy.
    The Legend of Bo Schembechler: How an Unknown Buckeye Became the Winningest Coach in Michigan Football History!

    Go Blue!


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